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Alsisar Mahal, Rajasthan, India

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A concept launched to major success three years ago, we’ve invited some of India’s finest journalists, performers, artists and activists to not just dance under the stars with us but share their worlds with us through talks, spoken word and video. Over the course of Saturday and Sunday afternoon, we’ll be transforming The Peacock Club into an incubator of ideas, laughter and intrigue. As each speaker takes to the stage, prepare to be transported to unknown lands and shown dazzling possibilities.

The theme for Magnetic Words 2019 edition is the seven sins – pride, envy, wrath, gluttony, lust, sloth, and greed – how we live with them, and even revel in them. Presenting their own version of what the future holds, will be storytellers from fields as diverse as film, food, theatre, music, journalism, and the social sector.

Magnetic Words Schedule


2.30pm – Shubhra Chaturvedi
3.00pm – Ashmeet Kapoor
3.30pm – Rohan Venkataramakrishnan
4.00pm – Jashn-e-Qalam
4.45pm – Reshma Qureshi
5.15pm – Elixir Nahar
5.45pm – Monica Dogra


2.30pm – Kunal Chandra
3.00pm – Ariella Bank
3.30pm – Karan Kumar
4.00pm – Taksh
4.40pm – Urvi Vora
5.30pm – Jashn-e-Qalam
6.15pm – Ali and Ahmer

Ashmeet Kapoor
Balance in, Balance Out

Ashmeet Kapoor is the founder of I Say Organic, a company working towards making organic products in India conveniently available and accessible, with the belief that consumer demand will lead the shift towards ecological agriculture, making it more the norm than exception. The journey of running I Say Organic has been a key catalyst of self discovery for Ashmeet and has inspired him to shape all aspects of his life to be in harmony with his beliefs, strengths, values, and desires.

Kunal Chandra
Food, spirit and art – a multi-course meal on the representation of history, politics and etymology via paintings

Kunal Chandra is a tattoo enthusiast, truffle hunter, bacon connoisseur and the first Indian community ambassador for Jameson Whiskey. Kunal’s talk – food in art through the ages – will tickle more than just your tastebuds.

Rohan Venkataramakrishnan
From TikTok to Netflix to the nightly news debate: How the whole world is greedy for your attention

Rohan Venkataramakrishnan is an Associate Editor at Scroll.in, an award-winning digital news organisation, where he oversees the daily news operations as well as audience engagement and editorial product development. Born in then-Bombay, Rohan grew up in Doha, Qatar and graduated from the University of Southern California before moving to Delhi where he helps oversee the Scroll.in team, and writes a weekly newsletter on Indian politics and policy called the Political Fix. For his talk at Magnetic Words, Rohan will tell us how greed underpins everything from global tech to Indian politics.

Jashn-e-Qalam presents StoryPlay
Kamleshwar’s ‘Story’ | Enacted by Shashwita Sharma
Fitrati Chor | Enacted by Vicky Ahuja

Jashn-e-Qalam, a Mumbai-based collective of professional stage and screen actors that celebrate the brilliance of Hindustani literature, will make a special presentation at Magnetic Words. The collective will perform two StoryPlays – noted Rajasthani folklorist Vijaydan Detha’s ‘Fitrati Chor’ and renowned Hindi writer and journalist Kamleshwar’s ‘Story’ – on the themes of greed and wrath respectively. 

Urvi Vora
S.K.U.M. Manifesto

Urvi Vora is a contemporary dancer and researcher based in New Delhi with a specific interest in modern rituals, performance of politics and performative affect.

She explores lust and desire through the creation of ‘Society against Kamasutra and Uncouth Men’ (S.K.U.M.) that tries to write a new feminist manifesto. S.K.U.M. Manifesto is a satirical, contemporary-dance-cum-stand-up-comedy-act, performed by the museum object, ‘Woman In Saree’ and her copy of the Kamasutra as its starting point.

Shubhra Chaturvedi
Aligning the Body, Mind & Soul

Shubhra Chaturvedi is an aromatherapist, author, a consciousness researcher and co-founder at Meraki Essentials. Her work and research have helped her understand the very close and important connection between the body, mind and soul, and why sometimes being lazy isn’t a sin.

Ali and Ahmer
Persevering Resistance: Maintaining the Will to Protest in the Face of Relentless Oppression

One of the most exciting outfits representing alternative culture and hip-hop in India is Azadi Records, and at Magnetic Words this year, they showcase two voices from Kashmir. Musicians Ali and Ahmer will discuss the pressures of being a voice of resistance in Kashmir and how they overcame their own wrath, and motivated themselves to be heard during the ongoing crackdown.

Monica Dogra
Envy’s Antidote 

Singer, writer, actress and musician Monica Dogra’s work is all about blurring lines, making space, opening minds, and lifting the vibe. For her session at Magnetic Words, Monica will deliver her characteristic raw and honest account of personal highs and lows as an entrepreneur, artist, and entertainer, how she fought for space both in her external and internal worlds, slaying the inner demons of envy by facing fires stoked by everyone’s most familiar ghost – the ego. 

Before A Fall

Taksh is a poet, a self-titled eccentric, a wearer of wigs and a fashion enthusiast, and can be found on Instagram under the moniker KawaiiBloggerKun. For Magnetic Words, Taksh will be performing spoken word on a subject close to her heart, taking pride in embracing who you are.

Reshma Qureshi
Redefining Beauty

An acid attack survivor, activist, vlogger, model and author of her memoir, Being Reshma, Reshma Qureshi is the world’s first acid attack survivor to walk the New York Fashion Week. The face of Make Love Not Scars, a non-profit that works towards all aspects of rehabilitating acid attack survivors in India, Reshma has been instrumental in the campaign, #EndAcidSale. At Magnetic Words, Reshma will talk about her journey as an acid attack survivor, and tackle representation, identity and the concept of beauty and what it means to her. 

Ariella Blank
Learning how to take off the masks and be fully myself: Being slow in a world full of A-type expectations

Actress, storyteller, nutritional therapist, and co-founder of Atmosphere Kombucha, Ariella Blank started her health and wellness brand in New Delhi with the goal of teaching people how to heal themselves. In a world full of quick fixes, we find it hard to shine in our own light, and succumb to conforming to what is expected of us. Ariella will talk about embracing and carving her own culture, and what it takes to be whole in a world full of quick fixes.

Karan Kumar
I want to look like that

Karan is a Programme Officer – Sustainable Raw Materials at C&A Foundation, a corporate foundation here to transform the fashion industry. His expertise lies at the intersection of sustainability, technology, and innovation for impact. He tackles the ever-greedy beast of consumerism through the sin of envy. Envy, has always been the vehicle of consumerism, more so – its currency. While almost every product uses envy to drive that purchasing impulse, fast fashion is one of those industries that uses it the most. But envy is fundamental to human nature, and it really isn’t going anywhere. So, how can we use it to drive conscious, sustainable consumerism?

Elixir Nahar
The millennial’s lust for love in an age of birdboxing, orbiting, curving and kitten-fishing

Bangalore-born and Mumbai-based, Elixir Nahar is a presenter, red carpet host, content creator, event curator, social media consultant and freelance writer, who also heads Partnerships & Events for Bumble India. At Magnetic Words, Elixir will attempt to demystify  the millennial’s lust for love and the ever-confusing dating dance that they indulge in.

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