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Alsisar Mahal, Rajasthan, India

28.3036° N, 75.2853° E

HH Art Spaces is an artist-run residency space established in October 2014 in Goa by Romain Loustau, Madhavi Gore and Nikhil Chopra. After dazzling us with Helical Dreams last year, they return to Magnetic Fields this year with three immersive experiences and installations.

Helical Dreams
A Helical Magnetic Field is corkscrew shaped, and sometimes seen in space plasmas, such as the Orion Molecular Cloud.

The first of three experiences at Magnetic Fields 2019 will be Helical Dream – an intense, visually thrilling, emotional and surprising durational event where the audience could come and let themselves be immersed.

This mysterious tent is a suite of improvised actions, drawings, dance, light projections and sound; constantly being manipulated to create an immersive, transformative and elevated experience. The development of meanings and relations between the tent, artists and audiences will be created in the moment as different artistic languages blend and collide.

Helical Dream is a collaborative performance by Portugal-based Violeta Lisboa, music performance project Lucifer’s Ensemble – also from Portugal, French artist Lara Beswick, Shivani Gupta, a photographer and Mohiniyattam dancer, and HH Arts Spaces founders Romain Loustau and visual artist Madhavi Gore.

8pm – 12am Friday & Saturday
Bedouin Village 

Sea Of Serenity By Pierre (Pyaré) Friquet
Enter a lunar travel agency and get your ticket to the moon

The Moon has awakened numerous stories and tales in our civilisation, becoming an inexhaustible source of stories for writers, storytellers, shamans, scientists… 

To be perceived as a haven of calm, the dream-like virtual reality experience ‘Sea of Serenity’ with Pierre (Pyaré) Friquet will be like watching a starry night and shooting stars, immersed within a visual poem. Confronting science and imagination, the multi-sensory journey will be created by a cocktail of documentary archives and original 3D creation from a retro-futuristic aestheticism.

Sea of Serenity takes place in the body of a teenager who listens to the live radio programme on the historic event of the first steps on the moon 50 years ago. The voyage invites viewers into unexpected trajectories from the Earth to the surface of the moon, where the last Apollo 11 mission landed.

NASA’s archives will be re-transformed for frame deletion, data recovery, distortion, lossy compression, improper editing, reinterpretation, forced errors. The colors are in negative; space is white and black stars. The surface of the moon doesn’t resemble what it’s perceived from earth. From time to time it snows and strong winds blow. There are active volcanoes…. and stinky mushrooms in the caves.

4pm – 1am Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Bedouin Village

Art Cinema + HH Gallery
This unique tent in the desert will engage your senses with irresistible works of art from the HH Art Spaces collection, and a selection of video art works from the Art C Foundation. 

Art Cinema: 4pm – 1am Friday, Saturday & Sunday
HH Gallery: 5pm – 11pm Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Bedouin Village

Body-Span By Madhavi Gore
Using charcoal, pastels and fabric, Madhavi Gore – one of the founders of HH Art Spaces – will be moving around different parts of Alsisar Mahar during the festival, capturing the various textured surfaces of the palace.

The drawing and rubbed traces will form an energy record, using layer upon layer of time interwoven with other visual textures which, when placed inside the magical Helical Dreams tent, will turn into the residue of a performance, a map of space-time, memory trace, a stage backdrop, a projection screen, or a soft sculptural work flowing in the wind.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Avian D’Souza
While Helical Dreams will draw festival goers into its mysterious, visually thrilling performances inside the tent, Avian will be physically encapsulating the performances on the outside, with the tent as his canvas. Expect the drawings to reach into 3D space, in the form of sculptures and other physical objects which will interact with and transform his canvas. On Sunday night, Avian’s work will be in full form, presenting itself as the residue of the past 3 days.

7pm – 11pm Friday & Saturday
Bedouin Village


The Artists

Violeta Lisboa
Having mastered the craft of corporeal mime she set out to mixing it up with her love of planets, frequencies and the visual arts to animate her stories through characters that inhabit sets. A core member of the Portuguese collective Art Attack, a performer and sound artist, Violeta is a long-time collaborator of the HH.

Lucifer’s Ensemble
The enigmatic collective, Lucifer’s Ensemble, from Portugal, is a music performance project crossing physical theatre, interactive technologies and sound art. In their music performances they usually include guest musicians to close the circle of conceptual pieces dedicated to matters of the occult.

Lara Beswick
The voice of classically trained musician and singer French artist Lara Beswick will lend a strong narrative contrast to the electronic sound and visual structure of Helical Dream.

Romain Loustau
His universe is a mosaic of disturbing reality, critical approach on our time and condition, poetry, and humour. Romain has a background in theatre and sculpture, and spent a few years acting on stage and on camera. In 2013, Romain Loustau founded HH Art Spaces Foundation along with artists Nikhil Chopra and Madhavi Gore.

Shivani Gupta
Her practice and primary artistic interest in photography is underscored by performances staged for the camera, as well as by the documentation of live art. Trained classically in the Indian dance form Mohiniattam, she tends to privilege the visual over the performative.

Shivani will perform by reintroducing and playing with the traditional form of classical dance through the use of costumes, live sculpture and light installations.

Madhavi Gore
Madhavi Gore is a visual artist engaging cross-disciplinary approaches between painting, drawing and performance and will interact with Helical Dreams through these mediums. Madhavi is a co-founder of the HH Art Spaces in Goa. 

Avian D’Souza
A visual artist with a background in industrial design, Avian’s works focus on the storytelling of history, culture, myths, and theological beliefs in comparison to the current time. He explores this primarily through drawings and other mediums, such as sound, video, animation, costume, and performance. A part of the HH Arts crew last year, this year he will draw on the main tent while the Helical Dream performance takes place inside.

Pierre (Pyaré) Friquet
Pierre Friquet is a world class VR/AR specialist who combines very personal stories and founding myths with the paradox of letting the visitors take possession of his experiences. In a gentle and nurturing way, he allows room for individual differences, rather than imposing limits by telling people what their experience should be.

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