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Alsisar Mahal, Rajasthan, India

28.3036° N, 75.2853° E

South African-raised, UK-based DJ and producer Esa joins for an all-night set focussing around the theme of ‘Amandla: Music To The People’.

The title inspiration comes from a popular chant during the era of the apartheid,  “Amandla, Awethu,” which translates to, “The power is ours.” It’s also a shared name with his recent Soundway Records compilation which spans electronic music from around the globe. These tracks feature heavily in Esa’s DJ sets and hold a special place in his record bag, including exclusive versions and hard-to-find tracks from the past two decades. Summing up the release and the resulting shows around it…

“Music was a crucial way of bringing people and communities together, and it’s what I hope to achieve through this compilation and my DJ sets too.” – Esa

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