Festival of
Music & Arts

Alsisar Mahal, Rajasthan, India

28.3036° N, 75.2853° E


JioSaavn Sundowner

Watching dusk fall over the desert, the setting sun would have never felt this warm.

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The Jameson Underground

Down in the dungeon...

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The palace garden is where birds discover their voice and tired bodies a new energy.

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Ray-Ban Studios x MF

One of the special highlights of the weekend will be the Ray-Ban Studios x Magnetic Fields after party.

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SPRYK: ‘Apex’ (A/V)

An audio-visual experience inspired by the continuous human conquest of racing towards our highest point of achievement.

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An immersive residency that will culminate in a live studio installation and unique showcase.

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Resident Advisor

Resident Advisor make their annual visit to Alsisar to host our Saturday night afterparty.

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Amandla: Music To The People

An all-night set focussing around the theme of 'Amandla: Music To The People'.

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Paradise at The Peacock Club

A carnival of good vibes, sparkle, smiles as 'Dragery Takes the Floor'.

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Riatsu X Nush Lewis Present ‘ASRAR’

A sonic journey through atmospheric soundscapes, contrasting harp lines and FX heavy vocals.

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Pagal Haina: Playground

Unshackled to one genre, Delhi-based Pagal Haina Records is home to many wandering modern minstrels.

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Boxout.fm presents sounds and styles that champion underground culture.

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REProduce x Magnetic Fields | Listening Room

A space to absorb sound on your own terms...

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Magnetic Words

An intimate & inspiring space where storytelling takes centre stage.

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Magnetic Feasts

The Badal Mahal beckons you to brunch in the desert...

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HH Art Spaces

Come lose yourself...

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BFR Sound System

BFR Sound System returns once again to rumble the desert sand of Alsisar.

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The Puqaar Stage

A showcase featuring the vibrant folk music of Rajasthan.

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The setting December sun in the desert would never have felt this warm.