Festival of
Music & Arts

Alsisar Mahal, Rajasthan, India

28.3036° N, 75.2853° E

Seven Voids; By The Architecture Story

Void is possibility non-represented. It is the continuum of movement and repose, potential and actual, abstract and the exact. The changing landscape of Seven Voids provides a fluid stage for its actors and its performative quality lies in its ability to transform. Using the voids as the backdrop and drawing inspiration from the traditional Indian charpai, the installation explores bed as a social space that enables sharing, socialising and resting.

The Architecture Story is a design collective founded by architect Deepak Jawahar and performance artist Justine De Penning that works at the expanded fields of architecture, performance and spatial design. 

Sublime Landscapes: By Urvashi Singh

A sublime experience brings the human mind into the present moment. The objective of this live art is to engulf the viewer into serene landscapes of our vast oceans where time stands still.

Urvashi’s paintings explore her deep-rooted love for the ocean and the elements that surround it. Her first memory of experiencing the sublime was at the age of 4 – she was standing on the foscle of a ship staring at the vast ocean in the middle of the Atlantic. Her parents insisted that sailing from one country to another on magnificent cargo ships was a more valuable education than going to school in India. Sailing on these surreal structures, she found her matrix to the perfect world, and hopes to recreate that feeling for us.

The Seventh Sense: By Zabraku

Using technology and design ‘The Seventh Sense’ aims to give users an experience of a new sense of digital superpower by using interactions to highlight the art of digital physics on the screen.

Based on the Law of Seven, this interactive installation – conceived by technology and disruptive intelligence enthusiasts and media design studio Zabraku – will be depicting the seven elements of art through skeleton detection and motion sensing. The idea is to celebrate digital art and music through body movements.

Channel your ‘seventh sense’ and explore, interact and play with lines, shapes, forms, textures and colours in the palace courtyard.


The theme for this year’s festival is ‘the law of seven’, and how it can be observed everywhere in the natural world and in everything we do internally and externally.

As Magnetic Fields goes into its seventh year, we wanted to celebrate all things that create colour and vibrance within our wonderful community…

Free passes were offered in exchange for a ‘gift/offering/activity’ that could be offered to your fellow Magnetic Fielders. The above were selected for this year’s event. 

Previous Magnetic Fields Ticket Barters:
– Stargazing workshops
– Mehendi
– Interactive performances
– Fabulous fancy dress/role playing
– Haiku gifts
– Graphic art presents
– Yoga classes

Ideas of Magnetic Fields Ticket Barters:
– Themed Rangoli
– Body/face art
– Nomadic fancy dress
– Workshop/skill sharing
– Immersive acting experiences
– Installations involving play of light – reflection/refraction

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" Arms of the brave always support and sustain the people like (a father his) son. A brave is, for this reason, honoured by all, in all situations. There is nothing in all the three worlds, which is beyond (the reach of) bravery. Brave sustains all, and all depend upon the brave. "