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Alsisar Mahal, Rajasthan, India

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For many, Pariah would epitomise that hard-to-tie-down UK sound. A conceitedly lazy way of describing his truly weird take on dance music. Blending at times what seems like a Berlin-like rigidity with the wobbliest basslines and noises from across the UK underground.

Arthur Cayzer, aka Pariah, was a relative latecomer to dance music. Originally from Scotland, he made his start in various hardcore and punk bands, before he moved to London. Inspired by the wave of dubstep that was currently flourishing in the scene, and by Burial’s productions, Pariah started dabbling around on Logic towards the end of 2008, and was covered by Pitchfork after just six months of producing music. This piqued the interest of legendary Belgian label R&S, who over the next two years, released three of his EPs, including ‘Safehouses’ and ‘Rift’.

Each EP showed steady growth and evolution of Pariah’s sound, and further cemented his reputation in the global music community. Though initially associated with a contemplative, nostalgic post-dubstep sound during the early 2010s, Pariah re-emerged in 2018 with his first release in six years, ‘Here From Where We Are’, released on Fabric-affiliated Houndstooth label – a lush, rich album which marked a natural progression in his sound with otherworldly ambient music.

In 2011, Pariah teamed up with Blawan (Jamie Roberts) to release old school, analog techno under the name Karenn. As one of the fiercest live techno shows around the world, Karenn is known for delivering uncompromising, hard-hitting sets.

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