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Alsisar Mahal, Rajasthan, India

28.3036° N, 75.2853° E

Delhi Sultanate (BFR Sound System)

BFR Soundsystem brings back the joys of vinyl and old school soundsystem culture.

After playing with BASSFoundation a drum and bass, jungle collective from New Delhi since 2008, Delhi Sultanate decided to take the collective’s junglist sounds back to their roots.

BASSFoundation Roots soundsystem is Delhi Sultanate’s solo project dedicated to roots reggae, with a strictly vinyl-only policy. Developed as a reaction and resistance to the new wave of dance music played off laptops with a ‘louder-the-better’ attitude, BASSFoundation Roots brings back to joys of vinyl and old school soundsystem culture. The dynamic range of reggae music is best conceived and experienced through vinyl, and Delhi Sultanate’s soundsystem plays a host of Jamaican genres including dub, rocksteady, rub-a-dub and 90s dancehall.

Delhi Sultanate has also been busy this past year building a box of original dub plates from some of the biggest artists in reggae. These dub plates cannot be heard anywhere else and he is one of the only selectors to still press all his tunes on wax.

Delhi Sultanate will be curating a very special showcase at Magnetic Fields – all on his newly built BFR Sound System.

7 seas, 7 wonders, 7 sins, 7 years of The Fields. The beautiful Fields.