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Alsisar Mahal, Rajasthan, India

28.3036° N, 75.2853° E

Circuit: Hashback Hashish + VvvvV

Circuit is a record label owned by Hashback Hashish that specialises in house, techno, noise and electronics.


Hashback Hashish

The music of Ashish Sachan confronts you with a simplicity that is both earnest, but also misleading – if you drill down there are details that only a pair of headphones (and perhaps a taste of his adopted name) can reward you with. Firmly rooted in the minimalist tradition, his narrative offers something for electronic music fans across the spectrum – committed geeks who respect musical history on one end, and on the other, those who could care less about the past and just want to lose it on a dancefloor.

With over 10 years musical experience under his belt as both a producer and performer, Hashback Hashish has released a plethora of critically acclaimed albums, EPs and remixes, which have been internationally championed by the likes of XLR8R, Rolling Stone, Clash, NME and Red Bull, whilst touring extensively across Southeast Asia, US and the UK. His style has been described as “Trent Reznor on speed” by Flavorpill, for his minimalistic approach to production.



Shrihistoric beat eater with no known sense of meter, VvvvV embodies the personalities of Richard D. James, Richard Wagner and Keith Richards minus any of their talent. Producing a hybrid sound that’s been dubbed by many as ‘fuckall’ this avant garde composer specialises in clearing floors at children’s birthday parties and scientology conferences. Featured alongside David Avocado Wolfe as one of Time magazine’s Top 40 producers of the year, VvvvV is the tour de force and tête de veau of the music industry giving hope to talentless and jaded hacks across the globe.

7 seas, 7 wonders, 7 sins, 7 years of The Fields. The beautiful Fields.